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What is in your clothes that makes them so cheap?

We do what we can to keep a budget and be fashionable at the same time. We do not even think of the risks that we are taking when it comes to our health or the environment. We do not even stop and take a moment to think that our clothing could really cause damage. It used to be more common for clothing brands to use natural fabrics to create clothing. These natural fabrics included cashmere, wool, cotton, hemp, linen, and silk. With the increase in the use of fast fashion, brands are now using cheaper fabrics that are made with chemicals. Rayon and polyester are the most common fabric choices when it comes to fast fashion. Using recycled wood pulp rayon is created by treating the pulp with chemicals. These chemicals include caustic soda, ammonia, acetone, and sulphuric acid. There is a strong danger when breathing in ammonia, why would we want it in our clothes?

We have options when it comes to clothing just like we do when we eat. We can go have a cheap fast food place or we can pay more for something that is healthier. The cheaper food likely has chemicals that are used to make the food faster and for the food to be produced in the cheapest way possible. The more expensive food may be made with all natural or organic ingredients. The more expensive food is better for our bodies and for the environment. Our body does not react well when we eat these cheap foods that may even include mystery meat. Skin absorbs the chemicals that are on our clothing and we actually swallow the chemicals that are found in our foods. Our bodies do not know how to react to the unnatural things that are going inside. It is best practice to buy clothing from companies that use natural materials.

Companies use many harmful chemicals to our clothing so that they can produce as cheap and as quickly as possible. They do not think of the environment or how toxic it is to our health. Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer but they use them anyway. When they are making this clothing, they are counting on you not to do your research on what it is made from and what issues can arise from what is in it. So many things cause cancer but when we have the option to avoid some those things that do, why not? We need to take control of our health and make the right purchases to do so.



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