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About us


BY DEFINITION is a lifestyle fashion brand that was founded in Los Angeles in 2014. The designers came together with a mission to design and create an eco-friendly fashion line that was bold and contemporary. BY DEFINITION offers an exclusive line of printing technique that uses a photosensitive ink that is water based, prints by sunlight, and is environmentally friendly.  

Before creating BY DEFINITION the designers were accepted into one of Los Angeles top accelerators, backed by a multi-million dollar capital commitment. Both designers were then accepted into the Orange County Fashion Week and BY DEFINITION launched its first collection at the Pelican Hill Resort, Orange County in March, 2016. By DEFINITION was recently featured in GQ magazine.



SUSTAINABILITY Our inks are water based and are free of toxic solvents, additive chemicals, and harsh metals. 

EXCLUSIVE SUNLIGHT DEVELOPED We are using an innovative formula that uses photosensitive dye to print images and patterns onto fabric using sunlight. The ink permanently adheres to the natural fibers once exposed to light, resulting in unique prints each time that never fade. Each design slightly varies resulting in one of a kind tops. Eco-Friendly: We handprint each of our original designs with an eco-friendly dye that is free of toxic solvents, additive chemicals, and harsh metals. This minimizes waste and is non-polluting to the environment. 

ORGANIC See our Sizing Guide for details on our select organic tops.